Preparation for Appointments

  1. The first visit should be made as soon as you know the destination(s) and the requirements of the country/countries of destination.
  2. Some countries have requirements that take 3 to 6 months of preparation.
  3. Call the USDA/APHIS office to find out the procedure for endorsement and the cost.

Helpful Sites

  1. APHIS USDA website (
    • Go to Imports/Exports
    • Under “Exporting from U.S” select “International Animal Export Regulations”
    • Under “Live Animals” select the destination country
  2. Go to the consulate of the country of destination to find the requirements
  3. Useful information can also be found on

Client’s Responsibility for First Visit

  1. Completed International Health Certificate Form
  2. Mainstay International Health Certificate Agreement
  3. Country of destination specific requirements printed
  4. Country of destination required additional forms (if needed)
  5. Current rabies certificate
  6. Proof of vaccinations

First Visit

  1. Must bring pet
  2. Doctor will make sure that the pet meets the requirements supplied by the owner and will perform any additional testing necessary.
  3. Doctor will complete the necessary paperwork after this visit and prior to the second visit.

Second Visit

  1. Must bring pet
  2. Should be scheduled within 10 days of departure
  3. Must bring current rabies certificate